Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Grant!

Grant Turns 6...Star Wars Birthday Bash

Grant turned the big 6 today with the help of 5 of his 'Star War Jedi-Master' friends. We played the Star Wars version of pin the tale on the donkey, made galactic goup, had space blaster and light-saber wars on the trampoline, busted open Darth Vadars head to reveal loads of candy, and ate cupcakes...what more could a kid want? So now its off to Red Robin to get the free kids meal comin to us. Birthdays are exhausting. It's no wonder when its time for a parents birthday, the lackluster celebration is because we are simply recouping from the last birthday party of the kids. We're spent!


Rachel said...

yeah you guys are back! I totally understand about not blogging regularly- its hard to keep up! Im so glad you guys are back so we can see what you are up to. Hopefully we will see you guys soon when we come back! HOpe all is well!

Mandy said...

Hey we are making our comebacks at the same time. I can't believe Grant is six already. I am sure the party was amazing because you never do anything half way. We sure miss you all.